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Blu-ray starting to see big franchises

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Ray. Blu-ray.

With the introduction of any new format, be it CD, DVD or Blu-ray, the size of the market it lures over as first-generation adopters has historically depended heavily on the content that was available on the format at the time. Considering that early adopters of technology are usually the gadget-enthusiasts – who are not the largest demographic you could be hunting for – it becomes clear that for a new format like Blu-ray to succeed, there has to be content that appears to the mainstream consumer. Up to now, the pickings have been decidedly slim on the Blu-ray side – no-one is going to spend R4500 to buy a Blu-ray player to watch Ultraviolet. The only real ‘must-own’ title that has received universal praise from every corner has been the awesome Planet Earth. However, things look to be changing.

It’s no secret that Blu-ray isn’t being adopted quite as fast as Sony would like, but it is definitely making significant inroads by attracting some big-name franchises that were either committed to HD-DVD or have been held back to see which format ‘wins’.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that the entire collection of Bond films is heading to Blu-ray, starting this November, with the release of Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Thunderball, For Your Eyes Only, Live and Let Die and Die Another Die on Blu-ray. At least two of those Bond films don’t suck, with the rest depending on how high your tolerance for Roger Moore/Pierce Brosnan and ridiculous, BS gadgets happen to be.

How I feel about Bond movies starring Roger Moore:


Pic courtesy of The Spoony Experiment.

Anyway, this is pretty big news for the format, considering that Casino Royale was the biggest selling Blu-ray (as well as regular DVD) title last year in the UK and the US.

Another franchise that will soon make it’s way over to Blu-ray is Batman, starting with Batman Begins. Warner Bros., distributors of all the Batman films, was a longtime supporter of HD-DVD, but now that the battle is pretty much over, has decided to start milking the particular cash cow.

So here’s the question: is there any franchise/film that would convince you to invest in a Blu-ray player (like the PS3) by merely being published in the format?

I’d have to say that the Lord of the Rings trilogy would convince me to buy a Blu-ray player if I didn’t own one.

Last Updated: June 19, 2008

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