Blu-Ray vs DVD : Consumers Can't Tell

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Who wants Blu-Ray

Following on from Nick’s earlier article about the game quality of the cross platform titles comes this story… and believe it or not this is a pure coincidence..

In Nick’s earlier article he asked the question “did you buy the PS3 primarily for games or movies?” before going on to slate the gaming ability of the PS3.

So Are you one of the few who said they bought it for Movies? Well then once again you are in the minority, Sony’s latest problem is that the general consumer cannot tell the difference between upscaled DVD and Blu-Ray. Nor do they really care.

So while Sony may still be celebrating the victory of HD-DVD the stark truth of the matter is that they still have a very large hill to climb. I have made no secret of my belief that the HD revolution isn’t going to hit us this year and possibly not until 2010.

Will Blu-Ray still be the dominant format at that time…. only time will tell. All I do know is that I am in no rush to stock up on Blu-Ray titles and my DVD collection will suit me fine for a while to come.

Sony’s New Headache: People Can’t Tell The Difference Between Blu-Ray, DVDs They Already Own – Silicon Alley Insider

Last Updated: April 25, 2008

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