BMO is real! And made of Lego!

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If you’re an avid Adventure Time watcher like I am, chances are that you have to scrub your brain whenever the Earl of Lemongrab appears. But more importantly, you’re probably in love with BMO, who happens to be a dozen gaming consoles all wrapped up into one nostalgic character. Don’t you wish that you could have one for yourself?

Built by Michael Thomas, his BMO was pieced together with Lego and a Raspberry Pi Linux PC. And much like the real BMO, it can surf the net, play games and surprise karate chop you*

The loveable BMO (Beemo) living video game console character from Adventure Time made out of lego. This is a fully functional portable Raspberry Pi Linux computer. This means it can do pretty much anything you can think of. Plays video, plays games, surfs the web, and more! Of course it cannot make toast, or skateboard like the real BMO…

Dammit, it’s not fair. The only thing I’ve built out of Lego and spare electronics was a robot that begged me to end its misery.

*It can’t surprise karate chop you. I LIED.

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

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