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BMW and Riot Games partner up for the EU LCS Finals this weekend

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Riot Games and automotive giant BMW are joining forces for this upcoming weekend’s EU League of Legends Championship Series Finals in Paris, France. The announcement from Riot Games came with its own video featuring a team manager, a professional player and, of course, a branded BMW M3.

The video, as with previous marketing stints, offers the right amount of cringe, a fedora and what looks like a stuffed Unicorn, the mascot of the team Unicorns of Love. BMW isn’t the first ever automotive company to jump on the esports bandwagon. Earlier this year Astralis signed a new partnership with Audi Denmark, while Mercedes-Benz will sponsor ESL Hamburg and two other ESL events. There was also that one time that Subaru sponsored the CS:GO Invitational, but BMW joining the largest esport in the world is something to get excited about as these sponsorships typically last for quite some time, a season or two.

Unicorns of Love.

Audi’s plan for sponsoring Astralis was to drive incentive for millennials to show interest in their company. That’s ironic, since there’s a running joke that millennials can barely afford to survive in the modern day. However, BMW is no stranger to sponsoring sporting events, and as it stands esports is the rising contender for entertainment as the two industries grow ever closer. Banking on League of Legends is a rather smart choice as it is the largest esport in the world, and the EU LCS Finals are among one of the most watched events in their split.

These sorts of partnerships are often exciting to talk about as the automotive industry and gaming can be tied closely together. You’d be surprised how many fans of esports (and general gaming) are also petrol heads, and to see their favourite car manufacturer showing an interest can do wonders for both industries.

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Last Updated: August 31, 2017


  1. Skittle

    September 1, 2017 at 07:15

    I gave a LoL a good chance but I found it too frustrating to make it worth playing. A few champs need a little feeding and then they steamroll the game.


  2. miaau

    September 1, 2017 at 09:19

    I dunno, hey. BMW.

    They make some awesome cars, clever engines, over good value for money over rivals at entry level purchases. But still, somehow, I cannot. Technically, a marvel. Fun and nice to drive.

    But still, when I see my Merc and my mother in laws BMW parked together, both diesel, (mine updated more for performance than good consumption), I still find something elegant in the lines and look of my car the BMW just seems to lack. Elegance, that is the world. Elegance. Obviously my personal opinion.


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