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Bobby Kotick wonders if there’s a market for the Vita

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We’ve already seen that Microsoft isn’t quite convinced of the PlayStation Vita’s success, and that id’s John Carmack thinks it’s going to end up playing second fiddle to the next generation of rapidly evolving smartphones and tablets.

The latest industry bigwig to cast doubt on the Vita’s viability is none other than Activision’s diminutive head honcho, Bobby Kotick.

"It is a fantastic piece of hardware,” the man gamers love to hate said to The Guardian. “Technically, we’re super excited about what we can do on it, it’s really something incredible.”

"The question is, where is the market?" he went on. "I think the pricing was surprisingly affordable, the product itself is really great – so the questions is, is there a need in the marketplace for a very specialised portable device of that capability?
"Hopefully there will be because it’s a really nice product and its very well differentiated from what you can get in even the most capable smartphone or tablet today." A proper, twin-sticked Call of Duty that fits in pockets and is playable online over 3G? Come one Bobby, you know that’s a goldmine right there!

I really do hope the Vita does well; it looks like a fantastic piece of hardware that’s packed to the rafters with intriguing features – but Sony’s going to have to ensure that the device will give players unique, interesting games on top of the console-like experiences they’ve already promised. It’s exactly that sort of thing that helped the DS become the most popular handheld of all time.

Source : Guardian

Last Updated: July 4, 2011

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