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In the years since I’ve picked up a controller and started gaming, I’ve seen many heroes come and go. Toejam and Earl, virtual Jean Claude van Damme and that blue bastard midget with the bag from Golden Axe. My favourite hero? Boogerman. And he’s getting ready to pick and flick once again.

Created by Mike Stragey and Chris Tremmel way way back in 1994, Boogerman had players running around the septic hazard stages of Dimension X-Crement as the titular hero of that game. Boogerman could fling snot better than a high schooler, blast a fart that sounded like a tuba at max volume and power up his gas with Jalapeno peppers in order to unleash flamethrower burps.

Naturally, as a kid when I eventually discovered the toilet humour of this game, I was freakin’ thrilled. Almost 20 years later, Stragey and Tremmel are planning to bring back the cult hero, remake-style.

Boogerman (1)

Taking the crowd-sourced route that is frequently travelled, the duo have hit Kickstarter to get some of that much needed cheddar for their game. As of the time that I wrote this, they had managed to gather $5438 in pledges…out of the $375 000 that they’re asking for. Hoo boy.

I’ve still got fond memories for the game, which is more than I can say about Geoff who has proven to be wrong about all the things that ever were and will be. But a $375 000 Kickstarter drive for it?

As much as I’d dig to see it brought back, that’s one hell of a total sum to strive for. Good luck on that one.

Last Updated: October 18, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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