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Boothbabes booted from Eurogamer expo

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And the boothbabe controversy continues with the latest big gaming expo, the Eurogamer Expo, officially announcing that Booth Babes are no longer welcome at their expo.

Eurogamer have long stated that they would not like Booth Babes to be present at the expo but this year they were a little lenient and three companies showed up in what they are describing as unacceptable attire.

They moved two of the publishers to the adult section but have now decided that Booth Babes in their entirety are not acceptable, however if you are dressed like a character from your game it is fine so skimpily dressed Dead or Alive models, Tekken models, Moxxi ladies and the like are all acceptable.

But if your game doesn’t contain overly sexualised individuals then it is not acceptable to have booth babes… am I the only one who is seeing this as more of a problem than a solution. Borderlands is far from being a sexually overt game but as they have Moxxi as a character they can sexualise their booth as much as they like.

So the main point here, make sure you sexualise men and women in your games at some place otherwise you lose out on marketing potential.. way to go to solving the problem Eurogamer.

This booth babe saga just annoys me, it doesn’t hurt anyone and if you don’t like it then shun the games that use them. People power works and the unfortunate truth is that the majority of people want to see the sexy.

Last Updated: October 4, 2012

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