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Borderlands 2 Badass Glitch resurfaces

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Oh dear. Remember that little glitch on Borderlands 2 that reset some unfortunate players’ Badass ranking, while keeping their challenges complete so they’d be unable to re-acquire them? Seems like it’s popped up again in the wake of the Mechromancer’s early release.

Users on all platforms are once again reporting the issue, leading many to think it’s somehow tied to the new DLC and accompanying compatibility update.

2K and Gearbox say that’s not the case at all.

“2K and Gearbox have been working steadily to fix a bug reported to us by fans that resets Badass Rank, and while this bug has only been affecting a very small number of players worldwide and does not affect the ability to play Borderlands 2, addressing this issue is still very important to us," the publisher said to Game Informer.

"We ask that players who have experienced this issue to email us at profiles@gearboxsoftware.com with as many details as possible to help us gather additional information so that we can squash this reported bug."

2K’s reiterated that the glitch is unrelated to the Mechromancer, ad also says a new patch to fix compatibility betwixt the haves and the have-nots.

"A further compatibility update will follow in the coming days to address connectivity issues between those who have the Mechromancer and those who do not. Full release notes for today’s patch can be read here: Xbox 360, PS3, PC.”

I tell you what…if I lost my Baddass Rank and associated buffs, I’d be pissed. Has the glitch happened to any of you? Let us know.

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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