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Borderlands 2 gets some pirate booty,and a new Sir Hammerlock video

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Erwinnn, Don't you dare start with that pirate talk again. Don't...you...dare...

It’s safe to say, that Borderlands 2 has been a rousing success so far for developer Gearbox. The sequel, while not revolutionary, is just plain fun to play, and even better with friends. Maybe one day, Garth will know that feeling. Moving on, there’s a ton of content on the way, starting with the early release of the Mechromancer last week, and new DLC today. Promotional material, hoooooo!

I’ve been putting some serious time into the Mechromancer class lately, and she is a small bundle of dynamite so far. DeathTrap is a fantastic asset, and combining skills from the Anarchy and Best Friends Forever trees has allowed me to turn Gaige into a maniacally glee killer who kills everything without aiming her guns.

Anyone who pre-ordered the game, got Gaige for free, but for the rest of you, you’ll need to pony up 800 MS Points or a couple of bucks on other systems to acquire her system raging skills.

Moving on, the first of four planned DLC packs is out today, in the form of Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty. New locales, new enemies and the same old scenario of me yelling sailor Omega level 9 curses at the screen whenever I die and lose a chunk of change, await you!


You can grab that today, or as part of the season pass, which adds a discount for further DLC acquisitions. And seeing as how Borderlands has taken the piss out of almost every single pop culture phenomenon, from Batman through to Top Gun, I can’t wait to see what beloved nautical franchise gets skewered in this add-on.

Last Updated: October 16, 2012

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