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Borderlands 2 level cap already hit

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So while local gamers, who like physical copies, are still waiting for Borderlands 2 to launch tomorrow someone out there has already hit the level cap and it took him just over 43 hours.

Matt Siegried is apparently a champion gamer who holds numerous records for being #1 in gaming and he wanted to add another notch to his belt. He picked up his copy of Borderlands 2 at the American midnight launch and instantly headed home to start the campaign.

43 hours and 15 minutes later he hit the level cap and thus claimed his 15 seconds of fame worldwide.

He even broadcast the entire event on twitch.tv so if you really have no life at all and want to ruin the game for yourself you can sit and watch it here

Personally the fact that it took him 43 hours means I’m likely to never hit that level cap as that’s about a months gaming for me and my attention span just won’t last that long on a single game.

Oh and as some people saw this weekend, I do indeed have my review copy of Borderlands 2 and while I’m nowhere near a review yet I can say for sure that if you enjoyed the first Borderlands you are going to absolutely love this one.

I’m playing as a soldier and have hit level 11 so far, it is a really difficult game and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve died.

Last Updated: September 25, 2012

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