Borderlands 2’s Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode now available

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Good news for those of you still fighting your way across Pandora; Gearbox’s latest update and DLC combo has gone live, meaning you’ll finally be able to level your hero past that restrictive level 50 cap. Bad news? You’re going to have to pay for it.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter mode allows you to level to 61, and adds an extra layer of challenge for those who’ve already completed the game on True Vault Hunter. It’s free to Season Pass holders, but the rest of you are going to have to shell out 400 MS banana dollars. It’s available in the US right now, and will be available to the rest of us soon.

Here’s what’s New! and Improved!

  • Adds new items to the Black Market:
  • One additional ammo upgrade for each ammo type, at 50 Eridium each.
  • Two more backpack storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium respectively.
  • Two more bank storage space upgrades, at 50 and 100 Eridium respectively.
  • Increases the maximum amount of Eridium players can hold from 99 to 500.
  • Adds a new playthrough balanced for top-tier play: Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Raises level cap to 61, allowing characters to gain 11 additional levels.
  • Characters gain a skill point with every level from 51 to 61, for a total of 11 more skill points.
  • Powerful new "Ancient" E-Tech relics and rare Pearlescent-grade weapons can be picked up in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Gameplay changes in UVHM

  • Enemy health generally increased 4x.
  • Enemies now have a moderate amount of health regeneration.
  • Increased duration of slag damage multiplier effect.
  • Upped the damage that slagged enemies take from 2x to 3x.
  • Weapon swap speed increased to better facilitate slag use.
  • Enemies now more likely to drop ammo.
  • Loot Midgets are now "Legendary Loot Midgets" that can drop Legendary and other top-tier gear.

I think it’s pretty fantastic that Gearbox has continued supporting this game (at the expense, perhaps, of some other projects) – but paying for a level cap increase just seems a bit off. Of course this does mean that those of you brandishing top-tier Level 50 gear, like The Bee and Babymakers are going to hate that your gear no longer matches your level.

As an aside, my love for the game was recently rekindled after playing through the second and third campaign DLC’s add-ons, which is good, because the first – that Pirate Booty nonsense – nearly made me swear off it for good.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013

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