Borderlands Getting more DLC?

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I’m finding it pretty hard to contain my excitement, because it looks like my very favourite RPG FPS loot-a-thon mash-up is getting even more DLC. A recent steam update for the Pc version added Steam achievements. That update may also have outed the games next DLC, in delicious spoilerific detail.

According to contributors to Gearbox’s online forums, the next expansion – following up The rather awesome Secret Armory of General Knoxx – looks to be rather Claptrap-centric. It looks like you may be warding off an army of those charming, silly-voiced unicycle robotic helpers.

Gearbox forum member Legendrew has summarised the details, which tell of an "Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap" that leads a robot revolution against you, the Vault hunters. Your task in the next DLC pack is to take down insurgent Claptraps and their assembled army of re-animated cybernetic human-Claptrap hybrids – including robotic zombie version of characters you’ve dealt with previously.

Looks like you’ll be battling Skag ‘traps, Rakk ‘traps, Psycho Midget ‘traps and evil Claptraps across 21 missions – 9 Main Missions, 12 Side Missions according to those update files. Neat!

It’s unconfirmed at this point – being based on files found in the update – but it’s looking pretty much like a sure thing.

Source : Gearbox

Last Updated: August 6, 2010

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