Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s Doppleganger Jack is so sexy it hurts

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Handsome Jack

Whereas Borderlands 2 had a season pass that offered new story content, The Pre-Sequel is taking a different approach and doling out new characters as the primary focus with its extra-cash content. The first such addition to the game has indeed arrived, in the handsome form of a Jack doppleganger that may be too sexy for his Hyperion T-shirt.

Still, I’ll probably play the hell out of Jack in the game, as I’ve done solid runthroughs with Athena and Nisha so far. I’ll tackle Wilhelm soon, and stay the hell away from Claptrap because his skill tree just scares me thanks to that digistructed randomness. Jack’s skill tree is simpler however. From his primary skill that allows him to summon two hard-light clones to fight alongside him, he can further specialise his skills in creating suckholes in bandit faces.

Hero Of This Story focuses on toughening up your DigiJacks with shields, extra grenade skills and stacks of cache that can be substituted for ammo, while Greater Good sacrifices your friends and DigiJacks in order to make you a greater badass. Free Enterprise rounds out the skills, giving Jack killer capitalism abilities that are tied to his wealth, manufacturer loyalty and accounting skills. You can check out his entire skill tree, right here.

I’m quite digging the Greater Good skill tree, as that just appeals to my horrible bastard nature to sacrifice my friends in order to emerge as the hero of the day. Which sounds just like my last trip to Cambodia that could have gone really bad…for me. Still, I hear the jails there aren’t that bad, and I’m waiting for Matty to email me some details about them.

Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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