Both Sides Will Lose DVD Format War

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Yay yet another analyst who agrees with my completely non educated view on the format war. 

And what would that be you ask? Well I don’t think either Blu-Ray or HD-DVD are going to become standard any time soon.

What with the cost of them, the confusion between the two formats and the little difference they offer compared to DVD upscaling I just don’t see a reason to choose a side yet.

Now more and more people are starting to move over to digital distribution instead of having the physical media.

Yeah it’s laughable to think we would get HD movies in SA over our Telkom lines but in other countries this is already a reality. Granted the movies lose some quality through compression and all that but really most people don’t realise the difference.

Not to mention the fact that better media such as the HVD is already developed so why would we choose a sub standard format now anyway?

Link to – Costa: Both Sides Will Lose DVD Format War – Technology News | News On Technology

Last Updated: June 12, 2007

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