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Telltale Games have certainly earned my trust when it comes to making titles that have a strong emphasis on narratives and tough decisions. As a big fan of both book and series, I’m quite excited for the upcoming Game of Thrones game. Not much is really known about it just yet, but Telltale have been nice enough to release another teaser tweet to keep fans like myself salivating.

In case you’ve forgotten, the first teaser was tweeted a couple of weeks ago. It spoke of several house names and had an emphasis on Forrester. I speculated that the story would be set sometime around when the North decides to march on the South. What I never considered though was where in the Seven Kingdoms the story would take place. This latest teaser could very well be a clue:

Like the first teaser, there is an emphasis on something in particular – the Ironwoods in this case. I did a simple Google search to find out more (via a wiki of Ice and Fire):

Ironwood is a type of tree found in northern Westeros, including in the wolfswood in the North and in the haunted forest beyond the Wall. It is a hard, black wood. The doors to the crypts beneath Winterfell are made of ironwood, while the castle’s godswood has ironwoods as old as the realm itself

Could the quote from the tweet be tied to Winterfell? I looked it up on my kindle to double check. It’s from one of the opening chapters of the very first book of the series, and yes, it is how the godswood of Winterfell is described. Maybe the game takes place a lot sooner than I think, around the time Robert Baratheon visits to ask Ned to be the hand of the king.

The story definitely seems to take place in the North somewhere. The question is, just how far North? Is it behind or beyond the wall? Remember the wiki does say that Ironwoods are also found in the haunted forest beyond the wall.

Well, there you have it. A house tied to the north, and trees only found in the north. Things are slowly starting to piece together. I’m not sure about the image in the the tweet though. It’s of a tree with a sword within. I have no idea if that is the crest of house Forrester, or just an image designed to to show just how strong the ironwoods are. I have a feeling it could be the former, but don’t quote me on that.

What do you think? Am I on track or have I lost the plot? No matter what happens, I’m still hoping for this to be included as a free playable DLC.

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Last Updated: October 10, 2014

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