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Brace yourselves, leaked Game of Thrones screenshots are coming

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the real MVP of the whole series

Last week, I told you all about some details finally surfacing on Telltale’s Game of Thrones. We always knew the story was going to revolve around House Forrester, a family who have never been fleshed out, we just never knew to what extent it was going to be. Some screenshots have been leaked online, and they show some new characters, as well as familiar faces.

The shots were taken from a twitter account called lifelower. They have since been removed (I don’t see them on the feed anywhere) but the Internet never forgets! Check it out, we have some Lannisters, a Tyrell, a bastard Bolton, and what are more than likely some new Forrester characters (via Gamespot).


Telltale have yet to confirm if these are legit or not. They do look the part though, so I personally think they are.

I’m really happy with the inclusion of characters like Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf whose mouth is packed with some of the best dialogue ever! I hope he is just as awesome in-game as he is in book and television show (even if he only plays a small part in the game). Ramsay Bolton will probably be as menacing as ever, and I dread his scenes which will probably be packed with madness and terror.

I wonder who else we will see. Arya Stark and The Hound? Stannis and The Red Priestess? It makes sense that so many of these iconic characters will be encountered, as the game takes place all over Westeros.

You will play the game from five different points of view. Each character you play as is a member of House Forrester; either a direct family member, or a person in service to the House. Scattered across Westeros and Essos, each character will play their part in seeking to save House Forrester from destruction.

There will be a total of six episodes, with the first, Iron from Ice, landing before the end of the year supposedly. The game will be available on just about every platform, including iOS. Will you be getting it?

Here’s the obligatory Joffrey video, which I have sworn to use in every single article related to this game. It just doesn’t get any less satisfying!

Last Updated: November 17, 2014


  1. If we do have Tyrion, it will be interesting to see if they use the same actors from the tv series and if so, if the Dinklage will have improved at all. Maybe he’s actually great at voice acting, and just needs arms and a cocky eyebrow for the magic to bloom!

    I admit that I am slightly disappointed that they are basing the game more on the TV series than the books, as the series has been understandably hamstrung when it comes to conveying certain aspects of the novels, be it due to time, money, or not wanting to permanently deface highly payed actors. For example… Tyrion still has a nose in the series 😛

    That said, it’s not really an issue, I can see reasons why it was done – and nothing stops the game from pulling aspects of the novels the series has left out. If nothing else, this will help a (very) small bit to tide the time until Winds of Winter comes out.


    • hairyknees

      November 17, 2014 at 17:37

      I was wondering if they would use the same actors from the show too. I hope so!

      In my opinion, I think they chose to connect to the television show purely because it is current and it has a bigger, more recent audience. I would’ve done the same if I were them 😛


    • Matthew Holliday

      November 17, 2014 at 18:37

      well dinklage did do one of the destiny characters, so i wouldnt rule it out.


    • Brady miaau

      November 18, 2014 at 09:13

      Only watched season 1, but read all the books years ago, waiting eagerly for each book.


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