Brace yourselves – The Steam Holiday Sale has begun

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Christmas is a week away, and let’s face facts folks, must of us are broke after buying a ton of happiness. The Steam Sale doesn’t care though. The Steam Sale won’t hear any of these excuses. The Steam Sale is without mercy, and it’s coming for you.

The usual bargains are up this year, but with a sales twist. This year, Valve is launching the Snow Globe promotion, which has something to do with collecting ten Snow Globe trading cards, using them to create a badge and then getting a reward. The prizes range from weapons for DOTA 2 through to hats for Team Fortress 2 and helms for Spiral Knights. Here’s the full list.

But back to the games. There’s plenty of bargains depending on your genre taste, daily deals, flash sales and the chance to vote on which game gets the discount cut.

My own personal game of 2013 has already been given a fitting slash on pricing (BADUMTISH!), as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now going for a cool R200. Then you’ve got gems such as Monaco, Dead Island and Mirror’s Edge also available for cheap, with a new batch of flash sale games arriving this afternoon. 

Of course, this might not even matter, as the sale is going to make that backlog of games I currently have even higher dammit. Well played Steam, well played.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013

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