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Braid creator sacrificing his fortune and Don’t Starve Together coming to Mac

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I have come to believe that expectations are what kill games. I recently bought an indie that people have raved to me about for months, only to find it tedious and just not fun. So be warned, oh people of the internet – hype isn’t just a killer for AAA titles, it can do it for indies, too.

First up, Braid creator Jonathan Blow is, um, blowing all his money on his next project. Braid made him a millionaire, but now he’s funneling all that money into his next project, a Myst-inspired puzzle game called The Witness. He’s been working on the project since 2009… let’s just hope he can finish it before his money runs out.

Contrast developer, Compulsion Games, is also working on a new project. It isn’t a sequel to Contrast,but it does have a fairly similar art style. Here’s the snippet of concept art for the game with an unknown title.

Not contrast 2

War for the Overworld, the indie remake of Dungeon Keeper that is what EA should have delivered to us, has been delayed by 27 days due to issues with rating. At least they’re honest about what happened.

We’re sure you’re keen to know the reason for this final delay, and the truth of the matter is that there was a bit of a miscommunication between ourselves and PEGI. PEGI is the ratings board that is relevant to our physical, boxed release in Europe, and, because we are bound by this, our responsibilities to our backers who purchased boxed copies, and our commitment to release our game in stores, we have to wait an additional few weeks before release.
The miscommunication resulted in us having to delay our submission to PEGI, which means that our boxed copies of the game can’t be printed yet, which, unfortunately, delays our final street date. We hope that you will understand this one final hurdle — as a new developer we’re still at the tail end of the learning curve… and we’re confident that this final jump will be the last we have to leap over before the game is released.

Okay, so the game isn’t in development hell and delayed because of that – it’s just a matter of getting a PEGI rating so that they can put it on the box. Fair enough. The game will definitely be released April 2nd and Dungeon Keeper fans can rejoice at finally playing a new game that lives up to their dreams for the franchise. Well, hopefully lives up to their dreams.

Don’t Starve Together is the cool multiplayer functionality added to the oh so popular Don’t Starve. It’s been in Beta for PC users, but a build is finally coming to Mac and Linux. You’ll need to fiddle around with Steam Beta codes, but at least you can play the game on your non-Windows PC if you’re so inclined.

The Star Wars Humble Bundle isn’t so humble anymore – it’s picked up another three games. So yeah, 12 awesome Star Wars games for $12; you won’t find a better deal.

Last Updated: February 12, 2015

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