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Braid, Halo: Reach and other Xbox 360 games are coming to Xbox One

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To this day, I still genuinely regret giving away a box of ye olde Xbox 360 games, a decision that came about when I decided to do a full dip into the nextest of generations. Dammit, how was I supposed to know back in the ancient year of 2013, that Microsoft would actually make an effort to drastically improve their console, huh? I DIDN’T LISTEN!

Anyway, if we had an award for Most Improved Console That Was Kind Of Crap At Launch, I’d be nailing a gold ribbon onto my Xbox One right now. For many, the backwards compatibility (limited as it is), has been a big deciding factor for the Xbox One. The original wave of compatible Xbox 360 games was alright, featuring a few classics such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Fallout 3. Naturally, folks want more, and they’ll be getting just that with the next wave of games.

Plus, I really hope you weren’t expecting Red Dead Redemption or Skyrim. Doritos Crash Course sounds far superior anyway. Here’s the full list from Xbox’s Major Nelson:

  • Braid
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Doritos Crash Course
  • Fable 3
  • Halo: Reach
  • Hydro Thunder
  • Iron Brigade
  • Kane & Lynch 2
  • Motocross Madness
  • Ms. Pac-Man
  • Peggle
  • Portal: Still Alive
  • Spelunky
  • Splosion Man
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Zuma’s Revenge

Not too bad then for wave 2. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of my all-time favourite games, while I’m well aware that Halo: Reach has been a much requested game. Here’s the thing though, that’ll have me chased out of the village: I think you should all play Kane and Lynch 2. Just as a pure visual experiment into madness and camera angles that sway like your guts after having spent an hour on a rollercoaster, I think the sequel to the middling original is actually superb stuff.

That, and I truly do not have any taste in life, which I can hear Gavin yelling about right now. Also, never played that game Zuma’s Revenge before. Because we’re all busy living it right now, AMIRITE?

Last Updated: December 18, 2015

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