Braid is coming to the PSN – PS3 Fans must rejoice

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It looks like the PSN may be becoming the destination of choice for all top rated downloadable titles.

What with Castle Crashers already announcing it’s arrival and now the German censorship bureau has leaked that Hothead are currently developing the PSN version of the title and it has already been rated (and thankfully not banned).

For all you PS3 fans I highly recommend playing this title and please make sure you finish it.

The game can get annoying at times but the ending is easily the best ending to a title I have ever experienced and is worth the entire cost of the game by itself.

Now with Castle Crashers, Braid, BF1943, Flow, Fat Princess, Flower and Pain it seems that the PSN may be in it’s right to claim the best downloadable game line up of the 3 top consoles.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 2, 2009

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