Brand new Dead or Alive 5 screenshots

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I’ve said it many times before but the Dead or Alive series are easily my favourite fighting games, unfortunately since they also made Dead or Alive Xtreme a lot of people think the game is some weird perversion where as it’s actually a pretty decent fighting game.

My favourite is still Dead or Alive 3 which had a fantastic tag team co-op feature that the wife and I used to pile hours into and I am really hoping that returns in Dead or Alive.

Check out these 5 new screenshots just released by Tecmo Koei which show us that Ayane and Hitomi are both returning to the series, which is no surprise at all.

dead-or-alive-1 dead-or-alive-2dead-or-alive-3 dead-or-alive-4dead-or-alive-5

Last Updated: December 8, 2011

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