Brand New Max Payne Screenshots

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It constantly surprises me that Rockstar manages to throw out blockbuster after blockbuster without ever appearing to fail.

They’ve just finished rescuing L.A. Noire from Team Bondi and turning it into a valid game of the year contender and are now moving their mammoth marketing team onto their next venture. Max Payne.

A couple of hours ago they released 2 brand new Max Payne images to bring our total collection to 14, I’ve included them all below and the first 2 ones are our new ones.

Max Payne doesn’t have a release date yet but don’t be surprised if we get to see it released just before E3 next year, just before they announce GTA V.

Oh and don’t forget you can click on them to super size your order.

maxpayne3-13-1280 maxpayne3-14-1280maxpayne3-1-1280 maxpayne3-2-1280maxpayne3-3-1280 maxpayne3-4-1280maxpayne3-5-1280 maxpayne3-6-1280maxpayne3-7-1280 maxpayne3-8-1280maxpayne3-9-1280 maxpayne3-10-1280maxpayne3-11-1280 maxpayne3-12-1280

Last Updated: August 30, 2011

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