Brand new sexy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare screenshots

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The next Call of Duty title was revealed last week and from what we’ve seen so far the new title is looking truly impressive.We went through the trailer last week to see what the game is offering and now we have some more eye candy to offer you.

First up we have the image that is making everyone compare the exoskeleton to the recent sci-fi movie Elysium.

The only difference being that this one doesn’t appear to be embedded into your skull. When I first saw the exoskeletons I did wonder if they would be a small feature, like the dog from Ghosts, but from these screens it appears we are going to be strapped in the suit for the entire single player campaign.

Taking a look at the rest of the screens and we get to see the enhanced Juggernaut (Hulk) suit as well as some hazmat suits leading us to believe that chemical warfare is going to occur in the story.

We get to see two more vehicles but I highly doubt that Call of Duty is going to enter the Battlefield area of vehicular warfare anytime soon.

What I am wondering about though is whether or not those hectic helmets are going to be an option in multiplayer. That helmet definitely looks like it could stop a single bullet which would seriously change the way snipers act in multi-player matches.

Maybe the bullet proof helmet is an un-lockable killstreak or perk in the game?

The more I see about this game the more excited I am that Sledgehammer could really change things up this year. Not too much obviously as the franchise is invested in many teams and tournaments. But they could change it enough to get some of the negative nancies to try it again.

Last Updated: May 5, 2014

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