Brand new Thief assets for your personal viewing

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Look into my eyes

As you’re reading this I’m on the way to a Thief preview event where I get to actually get my horribly dirty hands on the upcoming game and then drink free beer and make fun of the local Microsoft rep about the lack of a release date for the Xbox One.

Yes and that is most probably why no one is throwing money at us… anyway moving on.

But don’t despair while I’m doing that we do have some brand new screenshots, artwork and assets for you to take a look at and you won’t be disappointed.

ONLINE_240114_ca01_1390472703(2) ONLINE_240114_ca02_1390472704

ONLINE_240114_ca03_1390472704 ONLINE_240114_ca04_1390472704 (1)

ONLINE_240114_ss03_1390472736 ONLINE_240114_ss02_1390472735

Thanks to the distributor using Mediafire it’s taking forever to get this stuff down so I’ll try add more as the night goes.

Personally how can you not use that header image at the top as your new wallpaper, it’s awesome.

Keep an eye out for our hands on feelings in the next couple of days depending on embargo details.

Last Updated: January 24, 2014

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