Brand new Watch Dogs screenshots to make you go oooo

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I’m excited for Watch Dogs the upcoming open world hacking game from Ubisoft. We have some brand new screenshots showcasing some of the size and details of the game. We’ve got a tonne more information on the game coming up later. 

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I think the one that really interests me is the weird street view one with the colour gradients, being a hacking game I can only presume this is something to do with Wi-Fi signal strength.

Another interesting thing is the grid over the water which looks like a development shot working on real water physics.

The beautiful cityscapes hint at a really large and detailed world to explore with day and night cycles but how that will all come together is still a mystery and I guess we’ll have to wait for those review embargoes to drop before we can see if Watch Dogs is really going to live up to its promise or not.

Last Updated: April 24, 2014

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