Braniac attacks in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

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Lego games aren’t exactly complex, and if you’ve played one of them, then you’ve played them all. Still, the one thing that these games do have going for them, is a surprising dedication to their source material and one hell of a lot of gameplay and unlockable goodies, without the need for a credit card. Expect more of that, in Lego Batman 3 :Beyond Gotham. A game which has the whole wide world, in its pants.

Hey, it’s the Legion Of Doom (Not that one)! Sweet. While Braniac and his team will be present in the game, the action will quickly jet away from Earth and into the cold, dark vacuum of space as well, I’m digging the cosmic approach here, and seeing all the various Lantern corps is the kind of thing that makes my inner fanboy squeal with delight. If you have no idea just who the heck these other Lanterns are, here’s a quick primer:


  • Green Lanterns – The first Lantern Corp, the Green Lanterns harness willpower to create solid structures and projections. They currently reside on Oa and are led by the Guardians who keep watch over the willpower entity Ion.
  • Red Lanterns – Harnesses the power of rage through their red power rings. Led by Atrocitus, with their primary entity and personification of rage throughout the universe known only as The Butcher.
  • Yellow Lanterns – Led by a former Green Lantern, the Sinestro Corps use fear to power their yellow rings. Their primary fear entity is Parrallax.
  • Blue Lanterns – Fueled by the emotion of hope, Blue Lanterns are led by exiled Guardians Ganthet and Sayd. Their entity is Adara, the embodiment of hope.
  • Orange Lantern – Made up of one member who is actually many, Larfleeze is able to create new recruits out of opponents that he has murdered, and slave them to his power battery. The Orange Lantern embodiment of avarice is Ophidian the Tempter.
  • Star Sapphires – Led by the Zamarons, the Star Sapphires operate on the violet spectrum of light. Their entity and the embodiment of love is the Predator. Again, not that one.
  • Indigo Lanterns – The Indigo tribe represents compassion, and they channel their power through Indigo rings and staffs. Their emotional entity is Proselyte the redeemer.

Right! With that quick primer done, consider yourself ready to be inducted into at least one of these organisations when Lego Batman 3 arrives. I nominate Matty and Alessandro for the Star Sapphires, because I’m a cruel bastard.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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