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Bravado Battlefield 3 becomes Team South Africa

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Bravado Battlefield 3

This past weekend local Battlefield 3 players battled it out to become the official South African Battlefield 3 team and represent us in the Nation’s Cup against the rest of the world! We’re going international and we’re gong there to kick some ass. Here’s who is tasked with making us proud.

Over the weekend the MSSA, with the support of MWEB hosted online trials for the 2013 edition of the Nation’s Cup. Any Battlefield 3 teams affiliated with the MSSA were allowed to take part. Bravado Gaming, one of S.A’s longest running eSports clans entered their team and went on to earn their National Colours as well as becoming South Africa’s official Battlefield 3 team.

The team seemed to be focussed on winning, having lost only one game to ASF (Advanced Special Forces).

It was a good competition and ASF were really tough, but to be honest we were really confident in our ability to get us where we needed to be. says Barry ‘Anthrax’ Louzada, captain of the team.

Louzada also commented that the team has already organised practise matches to prepare for the international competition. MWEB is said to be organising servers locally as well as in London for the team, this will help them to get used to the latency that they will experience against other teams. Team South Africa has been officially entered into the Nation’s Cup and according to the MSSA temporarily seeded in Group F with Austria, Greece and the UK.

We asked Louzada whether he thought South Africans and his team had what it takes to compete at an international level and be successful, here’s what he had to say:

I think as we move forward as a community and continue to get the kind of exposure we are getting on an international level like we are our chances improve all the time.

I am completely confident in my team and I know the boys can make the BF3 community and South Africa proud.

The team line-up:

  • Barry ‘Anthrax’ Louzada
  • Sean ‘Scoper’ McCalgan
  • Daniel ‘Crincler’ Towse
  • Danie ‘Couch’ Zwart
  • Rogan ‘5abre’ Mocke
  • Lyle ‘Grizzlah’ Thuynsma
  • Jean ‘Wraithfiend’ Barendse
  • Dean ‘Hackem’ Seyfried

Trials Game Scores:

Bravado vs ADHOC:

Map: Caspian Border

RU Bravado 218 – 0 ADHOC

US Bravado 239 – 0 ADHOC

Map: Firestorm

RU Bravado 194 – 0 ADHOC

US Bravado 213 – 0 ADHOC

Bravado vs ASF1 (Advanced Special Forces)

Map: Bazaar

RU Bravado 0 – 161 ASF

US Bravado 0 –   77 ASF

Map: Caspian Border

US Bravado 228 – 0 ASF

RU Bravado 197 – 0 ASF

Bravado vs Xq (Xtreme Quassin)

Map: Metro

RU Bravado 184 – 0 Xq

US Bravado 217 – 0 Xq

Map: Damavand

US Bravado 216 – 0 Xq

RU Bravado 192 – 0 Xq

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Last Updated: January 15, 2013

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