Bravely Second solves Bravely Default problems

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I enjoyed Bravely Default. I thought it had some excellent elements, even if the game did drag on for a bit too long and end up relying too much on grinding. However, the new game will take the best the first on had to offer, and expand on it in cool new ways.

Siliconera is reporting some cool new details about Bravely Second. For example, it will have a similar town-building mini-game as the first game, but this time on the moon. Like the previous game, growing the town will go faster if you StreetPass other people to help, and will help you get powerful items, equipment and skills.

Other news includes a new feature, “Consecutive Chance”. When you defeat all the enemies in one turn, you’ll get another chance to fight for an extra 1.5 times the reward. The more you activate Consecutive Chance, the greater the rewards, but of course you’ll have to be careful – your BP will remain the same so it might be rather tough as the enemies get harder.

Most exciting to me is the feature called “My Set” this

allows you to create a list of your characters and have it save what jobs they’re using, along with their commands, abilities, and equipment. Making it much easier to have various setups with all the jobs out there.

This is what I wanted so very desperately. I generally defaulted to the same party composition, but if I wanted to change one it meant changing everyone to keep the balance going. This way, I could pre balance a range of options and then chop and change between them. Sounds good to me.

Last Updated: December 4, 2014

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