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Brazil seeks to have Episodes From Liberty City pulled… worldwide

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Huh, so Brazil is back in the news with another GTA related piece of weird. Last week we had that amazing, GTA-style car chase that ended with some police brutality. This week’s Brazilian GTA news is in no way connected to the events of last week, so don’t for a second think this is a knee-jerk reaction on behalf of Brazil’s authorities.

Kotaku’s Brazilian editor for Kotaku Brazil has reported that a court in São Paulo has filed a lawsuit against Rockstar for copyright infringement. Now, the court is calling for all copies (including digital) of Episodes From Liberty City to be removed from retail… across the globe.

The copyright infringement points towards a specific music track that is featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The song in question is Conga Kid feat. MC Miltinho by Daniel Haaksman. The song apparently uses a sample from another Brazilian composer’s song: Bota o Dedinho pro Alto by Hamilton Lourenço da Silva.

It gets fishier: MC Miltinho, who features in “Conga Kid”, is a kid himself – only eight years old. Who is his father? Why Hamilton Lourenço da Silva of course! So surely he’d know that the song his son is featured in is using a sample from a song he wrote. Of course he knows that – he’d be the most appalling father if he didn’t. This then points towards the only other option: he’s looking to squeeze some extra royalties from Rockstar.

But wait! It gets even fishier! Rockstar Games, when approached by Kotaku for comment, had no idea they were being taken to court. They also have all of the signed papers authorising them to use the song in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Of course, that’s not stopping the Brazilian court from committing Episodes From Liberty City genocide. They’ve ordered that Rockstar will have to pay a fine of US$3000 a day while the GTA IV expansion continues to be sold – worldwide. Brazil, what the hell is going on?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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