Breaking Blatantly Obvious News – Uncharted 2 is good and you all like it

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Naughty Dog has decided to come forward and be as open as it can about how popular Uncharted 2 is and what the raw stats look like.

The following stats were taken from the last week that the Uncharted 2 demo has been out and it’s pretty obvious that Naughty Dog have a seriously good game on their hands.

  • 1 217 424 Games Played
  • 92 110 787 Player Kills logged
  • 1 860 645 Treasures captured
  • $38 BILLION dollars in game money earned
  • Over 27 years of game time has already been played

Anyone out there want to take those stats and compare them against a standard week of Halo? I wouldn’t be surprised to see Uncharted up there with the top online FPS console game*.

With the full title being released in mere days I hope Naughty Dog continue to publish these sorts of stats so we can see how it shapes up.

Source: Playstation Blog

*Top FPS game rated purely on longevity and game time…

Last Updated: October 9, 2009

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