Microsoft has listened, canned Xbox One DRM

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The biggest issues that most gamers seem to have with the Xbox One is that always online DRM nonsense. Because of that, gamer sentiment has have moved very much in Sony’s favour. Many were left wondering how long it would be before Microsoft finally listened to its customer and gave up on those very draconian, restrictive policies. That time is now.

We’ve just been informed by our own sources within Microsoft (and you’ll be seeing official confirmation from our buddy Don Mattrick shortly) that the Xbox One won’t feature any of the DRM you’re worried about. We’ve been told that retail copies of discs no longer need to be authenticated online, and will work pretty much as they do on the Xbox 360 right now. We’re embargoed for 23:00 (SAST), but chances are you’ve read this all over the internet by now. Because that’s how the internet works.  Here’s the gist of what we’ve heard from Microsoft. 

The console no longer has to authenticate online every 24 hours. – or at all. An Internet connection is only required when initially setting up the console. All game discs will work on Xbox One as they do on Xbox 360. Online Authentication for game discs no longer necessary, and even downloaded games will function online or off, using the same system in place on the 360 right now.  Like with the Ps4, there will be no restrictions on trading games or loaning discs  and best of all for us in South Africa, no region locks – so importing consoles early is fine. 

That’s quite a turn-around. 

The only way this makes sense is by canning the game sharing thing as well as playing installed copies without a disc, which is a bit of a bummer – but that all makes the console significantly more appealing, and frankly I’m stunned that Microsoft really seems to have listened. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the price will be changing, or we in South Africa will be getting the console sooner, but it’s still great news. too little too late – or the best damned news you’ve heard all day? I tell you one thing – it certainly makes this sill console “war” a little less one-sided. 

We’ll be getting more clarification from Microsoft in the morning. Or perhaps earlier, at this link 

Last Updated: June 19, 2013

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