[Updated] Breaking News: Xbox 360 250GB Local Pricing Announced [Exclusive]

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Ladies and Gentlemen we have some breaking news regarding the new Xbox 360 “S” 250GB.

We contacted Microsoft in South Africa recently a few times to try and get some more information regarding the price and release date for the system.

Details after the jump.

Ok, so we have official confirmation that the new Xbox 360 250GB will be sold at an RRP of R3,199.99. Not too shabby at all considering the much bigger hard drive, improved reliability and cooling, built-in wi-fi and so on.

What do you guys think of the price point? Did you expect it to be less or more? This means that a new system as well as a Kinect purchase will look to set you back R5,200.00. A little steep overall. but then again, that’s the kind of money we were throwing around for single PS3’s a short while back.

[ Update: Just wanted to update with a reminder that the price of the 4GB console was already revealed to us a while back, and it will retail for R2399.00. More info on the 4GB and Kinect pricing here. ]

No release date has yet been given, but keep a look out for more information soon.

Last Updated: August 5, 2010

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