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Breaking: Sources confirming powerful new HD Nintendo Console for E3

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If there is one thing that counts as big news in my books, it would be news about a console that has, let’s say … the ability to play Mario Kart, Zelda and oh… Mortal Kombat and the new Battlefield… on the same system.

Multiple sources are confirming that Nintendo are going to be announcing a brand new HD console at E3, or even sooner.

Now while a few of you are going to be thinking along the lines of “So what? It’s just a Wii 2”, I think we need to take a look at the bigger picture here, because Nintendo may have something pretty potent coming this generation.

The news hit Game Informer late last night (their afternoon) after they got confirmation from multiple sources that this new console announcement will be happening at E3.

It’s been made apparent that the console will be capable of HD visuals but there seems to be a few mixed reports about its abilities as Game Informer reckon it will be in the region of the Xbox 360 and PS3 while Kotaku mentioned that they have heard that it will be even more powerful.

One of the sources mentioned that “Nintendo is doing this one right,” and that it’s “not a gimmick like the Wii.”

With Microsoft and Sony both planning to run this generation of consoles for longer than the usual 5 year cycle that the industry had become accustomed to, they may be in for quite a shock when Nintendo release something that can play all the same multi-platform titles as them, along with their incredibly powerful first-party franchises.

I have a big feeling that this console is going to be more than just a Wii with HD graphics. Still, this could all just be false information although at this stage, I highly doubt it as sources also claim that Nintendo is already showing it off to developers.

The console looks set to drop in late 2012, or so the current information states, but I’ll sure bet that news like may have just made Microsoft and Sony soil their pants considering that they already couldn’t keep up with Nintendo’s much weaker yet infinitely more successful console.

The truth for me is that I hate turning on my Wii, I honestly bought a 3DS in the hopes that a lot of Wii titles will get ported over and I can play them on that instead. There’s just something I don’t like about it compared to my other two.

However, the idea that I can have all my hardcore titles available to me on a solid Nintendo gaming console alongside the Mario’s of this world, now that seems appealing. That is of course, if Nintendo manage to get the online right as it will be key at this point in the game.

Interested to hear thoughts from everyone, so let’s hear them in the comments now!

Source: Game Informer

Last Updated: April 14, 2011

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