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Ubisoft Announce Industry-Changing New Franchise

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Europe-based publisher Ubisoft has been quietly working on something special. Rumours of the project have been flitting about for some time, but so far the game has been kept well under wraps. Until now.

The trailer, which is after the jump, has effectively blown every single anticipated title for 2011 out of the water. Gears of War 3? What’s that? Skyrim? Never heard of it. The debut trailer is so incredible that it prompted all of us Lazygamer writers to dive straight back into our Skype conference window to discuss it.

The feeling is unanimous amongst us that Ubisoft’s announcement will be the boost that they’ve needed to rise above rival publishers once and for all.

We dare you to not to get excited about this.

I think you’ll all agree that this is truly something special. A developer has finally perfected the way that motion controllers should be used. Here’s what the rest of us had to say when confronted by this masterpiece.

Nick: “After watching the trailer for the first time, I sat quietly at my desk and paused for a few a brief moment to allow everything in. Never has so much been accomplished in the history of this industry that we have dared to call entertaining before this very moment. Ubisoft have changed the way that  we interact with our consoles, and indeed each other, for a very long time to come.”

Geoff: “I’m astounded. We Dare has compelled me to change my life, and I’m starting by regularly sticking a Wiimote down my wife’s pants. Never again need a wiimote be jerked and flailed about in single player mode. I may even put that protective rubber back on my unit. I wouldn’t want to cause an accident!”

Gavin: was unable to comment; the magnitude of the debut trailer was too much for him and he passed out. He is recovering slowly, but feel free to leave him some Get Well messages in the comments below.

*Picture, while still totally awesome, is unrelated.

Last Updated: February 24, 2011

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