Bricks of War – LEGO Gears of War

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The LEGO games, for the most part, have tended to be family-friendly casual affairs. Imagine for a moment, if they weren’t – which is exactly what Kooberz Studios has done. Only they’ve brought their imagination to life with this video go Bricks of War; a brickified video of Gears of War. It’s got everything you’d expect; lots of cover, lots of blood, rolling around and shotgunning, complete with bloody, LEGO gibs.  The locust themselves don’t look fantastic  – but it’s all made up for when you see the Corpser and a little Lego Hammer of Dawn action.

We’ve seen all manner of faux LEGO adaptations of games, movies and TV shows – but this one’s special. Enjoy! If it caught your fancy, you can see the making of video here.

Last Updated: October 18, 2011

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