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Bring Back Sports, save the music industry and play some games while showing COVID-19 who’s the boss

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It’s not just PUBG Mobile that’s looking to prove the power of gaming, community and competition! Over on the FIFA side of things, one of our regular writers Glenn Kisela has teamed up with Texx & the City and Nodwin Gaming to put together an esports event focused on football and the more mainstream version of PUBG.

Bring Back Sports is the name of the game (er that’s about games), and it aims to reignite some of the friendly competition between people that has been missing since pretty much all sport was cancelled around the world thanks to the Coronavirus. Here’s how it works:

  • Anyone can join in
  • I do mean anyone, as Glenn says that the event is open to “musicians, pro players, shoutcasters, streamers, influencers and even members of the public”
  • Entrance will be locked in with a donation
  • Proceeds will go to towards the Solidarity Fund set up by the government for COVID-19 relief efforts
  • There’ll also be a relief fund set up that will benefit those musicians who have been massively hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Donations raised during the tournament will be done through a unique BUSQR code
  • The event will run over two weekend in April, May and June
  • There will be prizes, details of which will be announced in the weeks to come
  • If you fancy your chances, you won’t just be playing against friends but also the top FIFA players in the countries and local musical talent

More details to come! But for now you can follow the masterminds behind the initiative, right here!

Glenn Kisela

Texx and the City

Nodwin Gaming 

As you’d imagine, the event is taking place entirely online. Still, gaming can do social distancing and competition. Let’s see real sports nail that perfect combo.

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Last Updated: April 1, 2020

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