Bring me my bat – ZombiU 2 listed on Amazon

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I am not a brave man. I’ve hidden under my bed after playing such horror games as Dead Space, Resident Evil 2 and The Kim Kardashian Game. But I don’t think there’s a game out there, that has managed to transform my underwear from prisitine white to brown quicker than ZombiU. And sweet Romero, it may be getting a sequel.

If Amazon France is on the money, then it looks like the Ubisoft survival shooter is making a comeback. Jeuxvideo grabbed some screens of the listing, which Amazon France quickly removed. But this is the internet after all. Hasty edits are no match for alt+print screen:

ZombiU 2 (2)

ZombiU 2 (1)

The strange thing here however, is that Ubisoft isn’t listed as the publisher, with that honour going to Bandai Namco instead. Which is double strange seeing as how ZombiU was developed and published by Ubisoft. And I highly doubt that such a publisher would be interested in selling off a property, no matter its success. October 17 2015 is also a very specific release date, which would be perfect for the Halloween season.

When it was released, ZombiU received reviews that were typical of the divide in opinions between American and European reviewers. The USA reviewers savaged the game, calling it a clumsy and awkward launch game for the Wii U, while European writers praised the tense atmosphere and challenging gameplay. We loved it. 

It was my very first Wii U game as well, which Gavin got for me as a gift. At that point, I was convinced that the boss actually respected me and wanted to reward me for a year of solid work. A few hours later, as I was quaking under my bed covers, I realised that I had been the victim of a most cruel and unforgiving “gift” from that jerk. If you’ve got a Wii U and have a hankering for a proper, hard as nails and scarier than the taxes on your 13th cheque kind of game, I can’t recommend ZombiU enough. It should also be cheap as chips right now.

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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