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I’d like to think we all have fond memories from the Game Boy era. I know I do! I had a bright yellow model, with many different games like Mario and Killer Instinct which I spent many hours playing – or at least, for as long as the batteries would last. Do you miss those good old days? Do you have a Game Boy lying around that you’re just dying to play on your big screen television? Look no further, somebody is looking to Kickstart a piece of hardware which will make that dream a reality.

It’s called the hdmyboy, and it turns that glorious old Game Boy tech into a modern day console, and by modern day console, I mean something that is capable of outputting to a HD television. Check it out (via Engadget)

The hdmyboy is a module that you install into your own game boy classic. It’s the original Model DMG-01 (check on the back) that launched in 1989. Thus it won’t work for it’s younger siblings: pocket, color, sp, advance etc. But no worries 🙂 You can probably find one in that box of your most prized childhood possessions, your kitchen draw, the attic, a car boot sale or online second hand.

hdmyboy gives you the sharpest and best picture you’ve ever seen come out of your gameboy as we redraw every pixel without blurs (or anti-aliasing)! We prefer 1080P FullHD, but support 720P.

There are two modes: Scale, which is the same ratio as the game boy screen and Stretch, which is a full screen mode which redraws the graphics slightly wider. This works really well on games like Zelda and Mario.

Unfortunately, I no longer have my original yellow machine, but if I did, a small part of me may have been interested. Just how much cash does this Kickstarter want from my innocent wallet?

€1: INSERT A COIN: Virtual high five!

€10: SCREENSAVER CREDIT: Your name in every hdmyboy screensaver!

€35: T-SHIRT: Organic cotton with the original hdmyboy logo + screensaver credits.

€125: FULL HD: hdmyboy module + replica controller + screwdrivers for installation + screensaver credits.

€350: handmade pre-installed hdmyboy prototype with gameboy as soon as the kickstarter successfully ends + screensaver developers credits. In a couple of months: final production hdmyboy module + replica controller + screwdrivers for installation.

€1000: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A: the deluxe kit.
We will take care of everything and send you:
a play-it-loud crystal clear game boy + pre-installed hdmyboy + 10 game boy classic games + power adapter + a fancy box + t-shirt + big kudos in the screensaver.

The minimum fee required for the adaptor itself is €125? That’s like… the cost of a really well priced 3DS! Believe it or not, the €350 tier is completely sold out. At time of writing, they’ve already raised €14 107 out pledged of €65,000 goal.

If you need any more convincing, here’s some footage of the games in HD.

Personally, I’m not sold. As much as I loved that era of gaming, I really don’t think I’d want to relive it, at least not on a big screen television. If anything, I’d rather just spend the money on a Game Boy and play those games the way they were meant to be played – on a screen for ants that can be carried around in my pocket.

What about you? Does this tickle your nostalgia? Would you drop money on this Kickstarter?

Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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