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Broforce surpasses Half-Life 2 Walking Dead and Garry’s Mod

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Broforce is so typically South African. No, not because if anything in the game, but because it follows the usual South African model for success: be loved by locals when you’re small, but as soon as you make it big, be forgotten by the local scene. Don’t worry though, we can totally claim these guys as our own, and they are making serious waves on Steam.

Broforce is currently in the top 20 of highest rated games on Steam by user score, as announced by Free Lives developer Ruan Rothmann on twitter:

Since the tweet they’ve been pushed down to #15 by the Portal Bundle, but it’s still rather impressive. It’s about on par with beloved games like Bastion and Mark of the Ninja, beating out other standard winners like Garry’s Mod, Borderlands 2, The Binding of Isaac and even Half-Life 2. With tons of thumbs up reviews and an avid following, Broforce is doing insanely well – something particularly impressive when you consider that the game is still in Early Access. Of course we would love for them to just release the game already, but it seems to be a viable game even in Early Access form.

It’s great to see a local indie doing so well – not just well by South African standards, but well by a global one. It’s had an excellent impact on the local scene; Cape Town is exploding with game studios and even Joburg is growing. Our local game development is maturing and it’s beautiful to see; with a big group attending GDC this year, I’m keen to see if 2015 isn’t the year of South African indies.

Last Updated: February 12, 2015

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