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Broken age

Double Fine raised a ridiculous amount of money through Kickstarter to make Broken Age. In fact, they raised so much money that they ended up drastically changing the project, with their point-and-click adventure growing to a whole new level. They already broke the game in half, but now they will make that part of the design.

When Tim Shafer and Double Fine announced that they needed even more money to complete Broken Age, it seemed rather unfair to all the backers who threw money at it. The first half of the game was going to be released through Steam Early Access, with backers getting first crack at it, and a free update to the full game upon completion. However, now it seems that they will take a different business model:

For various logistical reasons, and because we believe Act 1 is a polished and satisfying piece of content in its own right, Broken Age will be a standard Steam release that includes a “Season Pass” granting access to Act 2 once it is complete. Anyone who has Act 1—either by being a backer, or by buying the game separately—will receive Act 2 as a free update when it’s ready.

I’m glad to hear that Act 1 is so polished and ready to go. This makes me feel way better about the state of the project. I still don’t think it’s fair to the people who originally backed the game – they weren’t backing an episodic experience. Then again, the backers are getting far more than they originally bargained for. The story looks really interesting to me – here is the behind the scenes trailer for those who like those things.

Oddly, even though the game will be available to backers today, there’s a review embargo on the title that prohibits reviews before January 27th – whether press are backers or not. Very, very strange. 

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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