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Broomstick League, the Qudditch game you never knew you wanted, is out next month

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I’m not really one for Harry Potter. Like most young people, I grew up reading those books and loving the film franchise but as I’ve grown up and my tastes have become more diverse, I find myself returning less and less to JK Rowling’s fantasy world. My waning enjoyment wasn’t helped much by Rowling being a pretty not great human, but it is what it is. Having said that, the one thing I do still enjoy about Harry Potter and the thing that is ripe for all kinds of exciting adaptions is Quidditch. The magical equivalent of football, the game played on broomsticks always looked like a great amount of fun, even just to watch. Violent, fast, co-operative…the makings of a great video game.

Developer Virtual Basement clearly thought the same thing as they’ve made no concessions in doing their best at bringing Quidditch to a mouse and keyboard near you. Releasing into early access on March 5, Broomstick League seems to be the happy marriage of the arcade tomfoolery that is Rocket League combined with the magic and movement of Hogwarts favourite (and seemingly only) extra-mural activity.

Players will begin working to score points by launching the ball into their opponent’s goal, using spells to hit the ball, warp around the field and even knock-away opponents. The early access version of Broomstick League will launch with 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 game modes and will feature the expected assortment of leaderboards, stats and cosmetics for players to unlock and upgrade.


If any of this sounds appealing, maybe consider signing up for the game’s beta test. Broomstick League will remain in early access for approximately nine months while Virtual Basement balances and finetunes the final product. Maybe now all those weird college kids playing real-life Quidditch can retire their worn-out broomsticks and actually play something that vaguely feels like the fictional version.

Last Updated: February 7, 2020

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