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Brütal Legend may receive extra PC content

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One of my all time favourite games from the house of Schafer had to be 2009’s Brutal Legend. Funny, action-packed and boasting a soundtrack that any bandanna-sportin’ headbanger could be proud of, it was also a one hit wonder. There most likely won’t ever be a sequel for the game, but at least PC gamers will finally get to experience the majesty of this quirky title that featured Tenacious D and a whole heap of other rock icons. And with some extra riffs, to boot.

Chatting to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Double Fine’s Tim Schafer mentioned that he’d “love” to add some additional content to the PC version of the game. Provided that it sold well enough. “We have a wishlist from when we made this version. But since we are a small developer publishing it ourselves, we have to go with the best version we can make and then hope it’s successful so we can add more,” Schafer said.

Brütal Legend was originally set to have some more content on the way when it was released on console, but poor sales records only saw two additional DLC packs released. With a looming PC market though, Schafer has a few new ideas to dig up for the action and strategy rock ‘n roll love letter of a game. But don’t expect that content to be single-player focused. “There’s a whole list of smaller ones to things like entire playable factions we didn’t get into the first game,” Schafer said.

I would love to do alternate gameplay modes in multiplayer. I’d like to bring in Lionwhyte as a playable faction. There are some tweaks I’d like to do to give you more feedback about what your units are doing. Single-player requires content, which means reengaging all the voice actors – which is something that was a lot easier for EA to pay for. Also, reengaging music licensing. I’d love to do that too, but I think that would involve more funding than we have cash on hand to do.

Brütal Legend is out for PC on February 27, to prove once and for all that you can’t kill the Metal.

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

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