Brutal new Far Cry 3 Trailer

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For the first time since the insanity monologue, we’re shown something thrilling about Far Cry 3. Up to now things have been a little timid, but the Far Cry 3 – Tyrant Hoyt Trailer shoves brutality, insanity and outright tyranny in your face. And yes, yes we absolutely love it!

Now, a guy named Hoyt doesn’t really sound very tyrannical to me, I expected to see another mild trailer, but thank the video game gods it wasn’t. The drama, the violence, the mad man we all love to hate, it’s all goosebump-raising awesomeness. From the music to the voice acting and the half naked women, everything blends together like a perfect symphony of everything we hope to see in Far Cry 3. This is what it means to plunge an ordinary man into chaos, to turn him into a cold-blooded survivor. 

Last Updated: October 24, 2012

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