BT Games Collectors Edition Sale

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BT Games is having a massive stock clearance of all their Collectors Editions that weren’t snapped up on release and there are some pretty good bargains here if you want to improve your collection.

I’m pretty much sold on one of the LBP2 collectors editions for only R499 myself but maybe something else here will catch your eye?

These specials aren’t available in store either so if you want to grab one you need to email Michelle your details (name, surname and phone number) and then you need to be able to pay via EFT or Credit Card… the games themselves will be available for collection from your nearest BT Games though.

So enough rambling, here is the list of games

10 x  PC Assassins Creed Brotherhood Auditore for R299.95
1 x PC Fallout New Vegas Special Edition for R299.95
3 x PC Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands Collectors for R199.95
4 x PC Splintercell Conviction Colectors for R149.95
29 x PC Witcher 2 Collectors for R1099.95
5 x PS3 Fallout New Vegas Special Edition for R299.95
9 x PS3 GT5 Collectros for R599.95
1 x PS3 GT5 Signature for R699.95
20 x PS3 Killzone Collectors for R699.95
20 x PS3 Killzone 3 Hellghast for R499.95
20 x PS3 LBP 2 Collectors for R499.95
5 x XB COD 7 Hardened Edition for R299.95
9 x XB Mortal Kombat Kollectors for R799.95
12 x XB Star wars unleashed Collectors for R299.95
1 x ACB Codex Edition for R299.95

If Lans doesn’t have a GT5 Signature Edition yet then he better hurry as they only have 1 left.

Last Updated: June 30, 2011

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