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BT Games Diablo III midnight launch raffle draw details

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Thanks to the guys at BT Games, Megarom and BTWeb, we’re giving away a sexy Steelseries hardware bundle, a Diablo III T-shirt and a bunch of bandwidth to one lucky Diablo III midnight launch attendee. If you left the launch with a lazygamer.net raffle ticket, then you’re in the running to win. We’ve gotten a fair amount of people asking just when the draw will be taking place.

Wonder no more! We’re just busy doing the number-crunchy admin stuff – and will announce the winning raffle ticket number tomorrow afternoon. Hold on to your raffle stub, and pray to your deity of choice; tomorrow could just be your lucky day. You might actually be able to log in to battle.net. Also, you could win that sweet bundle!

Last Updated: May 16, 2012

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