BTGames lists the GT5 release date as the 26th of November

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One of our wonderful readers, Sameer, sent in a tip this morning after he saw the above banner on the BTGames homepage.

This banner wasn’t there a few days ago when I wandered past and seems to confirm what is quickly becoming a well known fact, that GT5 is ready for deployment and will be landing locally on the 26th of November.

Sony and SK are yet to confirm this date locally and we will post up again if the date changes but for now mark this down as 99% confirmed.

In related news Kalahari tweeted this morning that they are all sold out of the Collectors Edition of GT5 but still have that awesome Signature Edition and the normal version of GT5 for pre-order.

With the manufacturing of GT5 being pushed hard thanks to that last delay I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some minor stock shortages so if you have been waiting for this title since you were still a twinkle in your fathers eye then make sure you get your pre-order in today.

Last Updated: November 11, 2010

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