Bugs vs. Cost: The epic battle continues…

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I was busy browsing around, reading random gaming articles as I’m prone to do when I’m supposed to be working, when I stumbled upon the official known issues list of Borderlands. This list is quite extensive and I was actually shocked to see how many bugs there are on all 3 platforms. This got me thinking…

Way back when, when computers still occupied whole building blocks and the concept of a PC or consoles wasn’t even in an engineer’s wet dream yet, the first bug was found. I’m sure quite a few of you already know but the first bug found was an actual moth. And debugging and fixing said issue was as easy as finding the sinful moth and removing it. If only today’s more complicated bugs were found and fixed as easily and quickly as that… we wouldn’t be having this problem.

More and more games are being released to the public with bugs. It’s quite understandable that some bugs can slip through, not every scenario or environment can be tested (or at least that’s what I tell my boss) but the amount of bugs that’s missed by the developers et al are quite disconcerting. This has always been an issue with PC games but with the consoles now allowing patches it seems to me as if it’s becoming the norm. Then above all of this it seems as if the pricing of games is on the increase… it feels like every year we have to cough up more of our hard earned cash. Is this fair? Surely developers & publisher can ensure that we get a quality product each time… is that really too much to ask? Or am I being to harsh when it comes to this?

Last Updated: October 28, 2009

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