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There’s nothing better than a good tower defense game. The idea of legions of disposable enemies making their way to a strategic location on the map, tactical chokepoints being set up to reduce their numbers, and cunning traps to wipe out mobs of cannon fodder makes for a damn good diversion. Plenty of games have put their own stamp on the genre and Bugvasion is no exception.

Its key differentiator is that plays out like a cross between Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Mars Attacks. Insects from other realms are on the verge of planetary conquest, and only you can stop their campaign of creepy carnage by funneling their endless numbers through lanes of devious traps and towers. Every level takes place in a room of your home, your towers are household items turned into tactical assets, and progress unlocks tech points that you can use to upgrade your arsenal.

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Fairly standard stuff, complemented by players being allowed to use abilities to help squash the invaders. Your primary fist smash attack isn’t too dissimilair from Kingdom Rush’s volley of arrows, a useful skill which can take out any stragglers and has its own cooldown meter. More skills can be unlocked of course, provided that you can survive and excel in each battle.

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What Bugvasion does have going for it is that it requires a constant eye on the battlefield. More powerful towers require a regular restock of ammunition that you have to provide, or you might need to quickly demolish it in favour of a more regular offense. In the early stages of any map, that becomes a tight race of skill and resource management, but one a wave or two has been cleared, you’re practically swimming in money and the early thrill of almost succumbing to the hordes is all but gone.

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Other times, levels threaten to overwhelm you entirely with sharp difficulty spikes, leading to some occasional unevenness in how Bugvasion is structured. This has a habit of stripping the strategy out of Bugvasion and turning into a game of fastest mouse figner first, as you click your way through hordes with spammed attacks and endless resources at your beck and call.

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That doesn’t lead to a bad game mind you, as Bugvasion’s aesthetics sell the game’s plot of B-Movie alien invasion horror with gung-ho shock and awe tactics brilliantly. Every environment looks unique, the towers all feature imaginative designs, and the enemies remind you that the only good bug is a dead bug.

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Last Updated: February 24, 2021

Bugvasion TD
A few balancing issues aside, Bugvasion is a fun diversion. It’s silly, colourful, and its tactical action has an energetic flow to it that hits a comfortable stride early on. It’s not rewriting the rules of the tower defense genre, but it’s hitting the right marks on a checklist of fun.
Bugvasion TD was reviewed on PC
/ 100

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