Build your own Destiny gun!

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Thunderlord (2)

With a 3D printer! Welcome, to the world of tomorrrroooooooow!

One of the biggest advancements in prop and costume design as of late, has to be 3D printing. Now mind you, this isn’t a tool that creates a shortcut for such endeavours, but rather allows artists to make more accurate and detailed pieces. That’s what Kirby Downey did according to Dualshockers, as he 3D printed the parts to create the infamous Thunderlord machine gun from Destiny.

Using a mix of PLA,Ninjaflex and carbon fiber, the rifle is absolutely bloody massive. It wasn’t an overnight project either,  as Downey spent over 196 hours building the gun. But the results are magnificently impressive, moreso than the actual in-game model that is based on:

Thunderlord (1)

Thunderlord (3)

Thunderlord (4)

You can download Kirby’s design for free through here, and use it with just about any 3D-printer. I’ve seen this gear in action, and while 3D printing does look magical, it isn’t. You’ve only got so much room within which to print, and the parts themselves need to be properly assembled, cleaned, snapped together and further worked on. Not to mention the fact that 3D models aren’t always free and can cost quite a few pretty pennies.

But man, I’d sell Geoff’s organs and print him some new ones if it meant that I could afford to get a 3D printer.

Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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