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Building worlds with Project Spark

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Team Dakota’s got a pretty interesting game and world-creation tool coming to Windows 8, Xbox One and Xbox 360 called Project Spark. It’ll be coming to the Xbox one for free. Here’s a look at how easy it is to create things with Project Spark. It’s actually…pretty amazing.

"Project Spark is an open-world digital canvas that allows you to create your own games, stories, worlds, and share them with everyone," they say.

Over the weekend, Team Dakota held a Iive twitch TV sessions showcasing just how robust the world and game creation tool is. Here’s 50 minutes of straight, raw footage.

Watch live video from project_spark on TwitchTV

How robust is it really, though? apparently quite; according to Microsoft one of the developers managed to make a recreation of X-Wing vs Tie Fighter.

“We often challenge ourselves to reconstruct popular games, “ Microsoft’s Michael Saxs Persson told OXM. “One of our guys did X-Wing vs TIE Fighter – every power up was included and the X-Wing was fully functioning. Somebody else did Force Unleashed, just to see if it could be done.”

“I think the fun for me is to see genres come alive that are not doing particularly well, but they should. Like 90s-style RPGs, where they are full of adventure and wonder and you’re just hanging out talking to townspeople.

“One of the engineers, she made, like, this 40-minute epic quest. I can’t remember the last time I saw something like that. Perhaps Final Fantasy back in the ’90s?”

Here’s another look at the sort of things you can create. Remember, Project Spark will be free on the Xbox One  – as will the thousands of user-created games you can expect. It’s like Microsoft’s answer to LittleBigPlanet or Gameglobe – but I have to say it’s mighty impressive. While I will download the hell out of things like an Xwing remake, I don’t know if I’ll ever actually use Project Spark. I got LittleBigPlanet on the PS3 with the idea of flexing my game-creating muscles. The number of LBP levels I’ve published to date? Exactly zero.

Last Updated: August 12, 2013


  1. Brady miaau

    August 12, 2013 at 13:45

    Oh yeah. I thought the whole point of these things was to make Star Wars memorabilia?

    Yeah, time to spend on these things? Not.

    But I am eager to see what is possible, how far people can push it. I love the creativity.


  2. TiMsTeR1033

    August 12, 2013 at 14:12

    @geoff The question is how hard will it be to create these games?/?


  3. Pieter Kruger

    August 12, 2013 at 15:31

    Can’t wait for this! No idea it was going to be free on the Xbox One though! Amazing! 100% re playability! This will keep me busy for years and years!!


    • CypherGate

      August 13, 2013 at 10:14

      until you get bored of it ofcourse lol


  4. didups82

    August 12, 2013 at 15:56

    Free on x1? I had no idea it was free. Before I get too excited I must consult the Google for confirmation. I wonder how the whiney Sony fan girls will turn this into a negative.


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